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Hiking and trekking are great outdoor activities, but they’re dangerous when you don’t have the appropriate gear. Hiking poles improve your balance and protect the wrists and back from overexertion, but with numerous models available, picking the best ones can get overwhelming. Fortunately, we’ve compiled a list of the best hiking poles to help you make an informed decision. Keep reading to learn more.

Comparison Chart

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TrailBuddy Trekking Poles – Lightweight, Collapsible Hiking Poles for Backpacking Gear – Pair of 2 Walking Sticks for Hiking, 7075 Aluminum with Cork Grip
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Cascade Mountain Tech Trekking Poles – Carbon Fiber Walking or Hiking Sticks with Quick Adjustable Locks (Set of 2)
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100% Carbon Fiber Collapsible Walking Stick for Hiking, Trekking Poles for Hiking Collapsible, Hiking Poles, Hiking Sticks, Folding Walking Stick for Seniors Balance, Walking Stick for Women Men Kids
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BAFX Products – Trekking Walking Hiking Poles Adjustable for All Heights, Durable & Lightweight Aluminum (Black)
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Pacemaker Stix Expedition Trekking Poles Pair for Walking, Hiking, Travel, & Climbing. Ultralight Aluminum Adjustable Height & Collapsible Folding Telescoping Sticks with Anti-Shock Cork Grips Handle

Best Hiking Poles: Reviews

TrailBuddy Trekking Poles – 2-pc Pack Adjustable Hiking or Walking Sticks

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These TrailBuddy Trekking Poles provide a balanced blend of durability and compactness. The walking sticks are sold as a set of two and are ideal for people who want a portable companion for their next hiking adventure.

Product Highlights

Navigating harsh terrain requires hiking gear with impressive strength that can rise to the occasion. Traditional poles are typically made from carbon fiber. While the material is lightweight and doesn’t overwhelm hikers, it’s also fragile, sometimes succumbing to pressure and breaking or snapping.

Getting stranded on a treacherous trail without trusty trekking poles is dangerous, but TrailBuddy has found a solution. Their walking sticks have been manufactured from aircraft-grade aluminum. The metal construction makes the product feel light in your hand as you take on rocks and mud and more resistant to lateral pressure than conventional solutions.

Another benefit is how easy they are to adjust. Each pole is equipped with a lever lock, and you can modify the height in a few seconds, even with wet or gloved hands. Furthermore, with a height range from 24.5 to 54 inches, the sticks will accommodate people of all ages and heights.

Thanks to the lever locks, most users can collapse and extend the poles without difficulty, making it a perfect choice for road trips and vacations. In addition, you can throw them in a suitcase without worrying about long-term damage. Most traditional poles lack this convenience since they come with sturdy twist locks, and packing them in a bag can lead to breakage.

What I Like

Although the poles are lightweight, don’t let their appearance fool you. They can tackle harsh weather conditions and come out unscathed. So whether climbing over a boulder or walking across fresh snow, you can trust these durable hiking sticks to keep you on your feet.

The poles have padded straps that maximize comfort and secure grip. Moreover, the innovative cork handle has been designed to adapt to the user’s hand shape, guaranteeing a perfect fit.

TrailBuddy is dedicated to offering its customers an unmatched hiking experience at a reasonable price. These trekking poles are affordable and include high-quality hiking accessories. They’re shipped with four rubber tips, a carrying bag, two connectors, and mud and snow baskets.

Moreover, the sticks come in various colors, so you can choose the model that best complements your fashion sense, staying stylish on and off the trail.

What I Don’t Like

Although the aluminum construction keeps users comfortable on short walks or challenging trails, it isn’t indestructible. Putting excess pressure on the poles might damage or even break them. If you’re planning on visiting unfamiliar areas, it’s best to research and learn about the terrain to avoid overwhelming the poles.

Keep in mind that the poles could feel uncomfortable on longer hikes. To protect your hands and minimize discomfort, wear a pair of light gloves.


  • Lightweight
  • Affordable
  • Easy to use
  • Simple to adjust


Uncomfortable for longer hikes

Cascade Mountain Tech Carbon Fiber Adjustable Trekking Poles

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The Cascade Mountain Tech Carbon Fiber Adjustable Trekking Poles are an excellent option for experienced hikers and beginners seeking a mix of comfort, durability, and security.

Product Highlights

The poles have quick locks and a cork grip accommodating different hand shapes. It doesn’t stick too tightly against the hand, minimizing sweating. A rubber layer covers its top to prevent users from hurting their palms as they push down on the poles.

Although the trekking poles have cork handles, they also have foam grip extensions with grooves and bumps. The texture makes the extension easy to hold, boosting comfort and security when climbing steep inclines or rocky paths.

These poles are sturdy and strong, made from durable 3k carbon. The construction makes the trekking poles resistant to extreme pressure and upgrades their anti-shock properties. The long-lasting materials perform well over terrain without noise and vibrations. This allows users to focus on making progress without worrying about gear damage or injury.

Compared to other heavy-duty equipment, these adjustable trekking poles are one of the most lightweight. The manufacturer has used carbon fiber to build the shaft, but the product is thick enough to fend off on-trail obstacles such as mud, rocks, or snow. It’s a go-to choice for hikers who want durable poles that don’t feel bulky.

Another helpful feature is the convenient thumbscrew, which removes the hassle of adjusting the poles. You can do so in only a few seconds if you’re halfway through the trail and realize you need to modify the height. The thumbscrew simplifies the adjustment process, and hikers can customize the poles’ height without a screwdriver or hand tools.

What I Like

The poles arrive with a carrying case with enough room to house the sticks and spare tips. Stowing away hiking gear can be challenging since it may catch on fabric and damage clothes. The carrying sleeve is made from thick material that keeps the poles in perfect condition and prevents them from damaging other items.

A handy feature is that the quick-lock mechanism supports four tips. Those who want to explore deserts or rock trails can use the boot to improve their performance. If you want a product that can handle backcountry skiing, you can rely on the snow basket to keep you safe and comfortable.

What attracts many nature lovers is the reasonable price. Although there are more inexpensive options on the market, the Cascade Mountain Tech poles make high-end features more accessible for those on a tight budget.

Finally, the manufacturer backs the poles with a limited warranty to ensure customer satisfaction. Note that the warranty is non-transferable and applies to material and workmanship defects. The coverage doesn’t extend to damage caused by misuse or neglect.

What I Don’t Like

When collapsed, the poles offer a height of 26 inches, making them longer than other trekking options. This height isn’t a problem for short hikes, but it may be an issue for hikers who prefer to attach their walking sticks to bags or backpacks. Additionally, packing the product in a smaller suitcase may be difficult.


  • Reasonable price
  • 3k carbon fiber construction
  • Shipped with carrying case
  • Manufacturer’s warranty
  • Comfortable cork grip


Not the most portable option

Hiker Hunger 100% Carbon Fiber Trekking Poles

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Consider investing in these Hiker Hunger 100% Carbon Fiber Trekking Poles if you’re looking to up your trekking game.

Product Highlights

The multipurpose poles offer excellent support for hiking, climbing, snowshoeing, backpacking, and other outdoor adventures. The product is built with lightweight carbon fiber and feels comfortable in your hands as you focus on overcoming trail obstacles like boulders, twigs, grime, or snow.

If you’re new to hiking, you shouldn’t have difficulty handling these poles. They’re adjustable, three-section poles, meaning that you can modify their height quickly, even when wearing gloves., All you have to do is open the lock, reposition the stick, and secure the lock to find the perfect fit.

The carbon composite design also makes the poles thermal and vibration-resistant. Whether navigating desert terrain or conquering rocky paths, the material absorbs the vibrations created with each step and makes the journey peaceful and comfortable. You don’t have to worry about waiting for the perfect weather conditions to start your adventure. The Hiker Hunger poles retain their durability over different temperature ranges, and hikers can enjoy the beauty of the outdoors during all four seasons.

These quality poles arrive with trekking baskets and interchangeable tips. You’ll also receive protection tips for prolonging the poles’ service life. If you intend on switching trails frequently, there’s no need to carry several pieces of heavy equipment. Instead, attach the appropriate tips and keep honing your trekking skills.

What makes these poles popular among professionals and amateur hikers is their adjustability. When extended, the bars can reach a maximum of 54 inches. However, if you want to store them away in a smaller bag, you can collapse them to 24 inches.

What I Like

The ergonomic cork comes with adjustable straps for increased comfort and accommodates the curves of your hand. Grab the soft foam area underneath the handle when your hands need a rest.

Another benefit of this Hiker Hunger product is its compactness. When you collapse them to 24 inches, they’ll fit in travel backpacks and suitcases without catching on clothes or fabric.

What I Don’t Like

At first glance, the poles appear strong and perform well in various weather conditions. However, carbon fiber isn’t the most durable material, and some users may hesitate to purchase the poles. If the sticks get stuck in gaps on the trail, the lateral pressure may be too much to withstand. The product might become bent or could even break.


  • Reasonable price
  • Easily adjustable
  • Ergonomic cork for extra comfort
  • Compact
  • Thermal and vibration-resistant


May break under increased lateral pressure

BAFX Products – 2 Pack – Ultra Light Weight Carbon Fiber Hiking Poles

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These BAFX Products Ultra Light Weight Carbon Fiber Hiking Poles will help you feel more confident as you conquer hiking trails and steep slopes.

Product Highlights

These poles are multipurpose tools designed to support users’ walking, hiking, or trekking adventures. The product has been crafted from aluminum and carbon fiber, making it a perfect blend of durability and lightness. The poles offer impressive resistance to the elements and remain in excellent condition after tackling water, rocks, snow, or mud.

Moreover, you can extend these adjustable poles from 24.5 inches to a maximum of 53 inches. Thanks to the innovative flip-lock mechanism, collapsing or extending the poles takes less than a minute. This ease of use suits those who have recently started hiking and need reliable poles to gain more experience.

You’d be hard-pressed to find a more lightweight option on the market. These carbon fiber poles are the go-to choice for people who enjoy going on long walks, hikes, or treks. You can also take them on your camping trip since they’re lightweight, allowing you to carry more gear and resources.

A metal tip protects the bottom of the poles. The metal cover bolsters the poles’ strength and enables them to take on challenging rocky terrain. The durable tips will cling to the rocky ground and keep you stable and secure.

In addition, the package arrives with carbide tips, four rubber feet, and two mud baskets. With these accessories in your backpack, you’ll be prepared to conquer the most challenging trails.

What I Like

The poles boast a reasonable price since they’re made from aluminum and carbon fiber. As a result, they’ll carry your weight without snapping or bending and last for years.

Although finding durable hiking gear for young children can be challenging, this product ticks all the boxes for people of different ages and hiking experiences. When fully collapsed, the poles have a height of 24.5 inches and will help young children get closer to nature and appreciate the outdoors.

What makes these poles stand out among their competitors is the anti-shock design. Each rod has an anti-shock spring that absorbs the impact whenever the bars hit the ground. The feature minimizes vibration and ensures you have a firm grip on your gear. Additionally, the soft grips take the pressure off your hands on demanding hikes and guarantee increased comfort.

BAFX Products backs the poles with a one-year manufacturer warranty to ensure uncompromising quality and customer satisfaction. The coverage applies to material and workmanship defects. However, the warranty doesn’t cover damage caused by misuse or neglect.

What I Don’t Like

A possible drawback of these poles is that they’re not the most portable option. Some users may struggle to pack them into a small suitcase or carry-on even when fully collapsed. If this isn’t a dealbreaker for you, place the sticks into a larger bag when traveling to avoid bends and breaks.

Additionally, several users have reported issues using the flip-lock mechanism. Although you should always double-check your hiking gear, having an unstable pole is dangerous and can lead to injury.


  • Affordable option
  • Perfect for experienced hikers and beginners
  • Anti-shock springs
  • Soft grips for extra comfort
  • One-year manufacturer warranty


Difficult to fit into a smaller bag

Pacemaker Stix Expedition Trekking Poles Pair for Walking, Hiking, Travel, and Climbing

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The Pacemaker Stix Expedition Trekking Poles are another popular product that helps nature lovers stay safe on steep inclines and rocky trails.

Product Highlights

Although lightweight, these rods provide hikers with impressive strength and stability. They’ll remain rigid even when you place all your weight on them for extra support. As a result, you can pack all the gear you need in a big backpack, and the poles will help you easily carry the heavy load. In addition, there’ll be no unexpected flexing when you push down on the product to conquer a more challenging section of the trail.

The multipurpose walking sticks come with a flip lock, simplifying opening, locking, and adjusting. Whichever height you choose, the locking mechanism will ensure the poles remain at the desired level. If you need to lean on the poles and recharge, they will support you for as long as you need and won’t break or snap.

Moreover, most users can adjust the poles in less than two minutes. The product is a helpful tool for people who feel uncertain about handling complex hiking gear or young children preparing for their first outdoor adventure.

Traditional walking sticks usually have rubber grips with tiny grooves for improved ventilation. These grips keep the palms moisture-free during colder months but make the hands feel clammy in warmer weather. However, Pacemaker Stix has equipped its product with comfortable cork grips that keep the hands dry after a day-long trek under the summer sun.

Hiking and trekking put the body under stress, but these trekking poles are crafted from aerospace-grade aluminum, meaning they’ll absorb impact and vibrations. As a result, they’ll transform demanding treks into low-impact activities that don’t hurt your joints and posture.

Additionally, the poles have three sections, ranging from 27 to 54 inches. You can customize them to suit people of different heights and readjust them when switching to new terrain.

What I Like

Although there are more inexpensive options on the market, the Pacemaker poles were built to last and are a high-return investment. The bottom of the poles is covered with a protective tip that prevents them from getting stuck between rocks and boosts safety.

When you need to improve your balance, use the adjustable wrist straps. These accessories are easy to use and increase stability on and off the trail.

Pacemaker Stix is determined to provide its customers with quality products and backs the walking sticks with a one-year warranty covering material and workmanship issues. Remember that misuse or neglect will void the warranty.

What I Don’t Like

While these Pacemaker Stix poles fall into the mid-range price category, there are more affordable products with similar features. Although they’ll last for years, they may not be the best option for outdoor lovers on a tight budget.

Another potential drawback is that the sticks aren’t portable, even when collapsed to 27 inches. So when you try to pack them in a travel bag or suitcase, you’ll wish the rods were a few inches shorter.


  • Reliable flip locks
  • Aerospace-grade aluminum construction
  • Comes with adjustable wrist straps for improved balance
  • One-year manufacturer warranty


  • There are more affordable options
  • Not portable

Buyers’ Guide

Before deciding which hiking poles meet your needs, it’s essential to consider several important factors.

Trekking Pole Types

You can choose from three types of trekking poles.


Telescoping poles have become increasingly popular since the design allows one section to slide in and out of the other section. In addition, the mechanism enables users to control the pole’s height and ensure that the equipment matches their personal preferences.


Folding poles have sections that come out of the shaft and fold, making the sticks more compact.


Fixed poles are non-adjustable and have a set height. Although they’re the most lightweight option, they also offer less stability.

Locking Mechanisms

Most modern poles feature an easy-to-use lever lock mechanism. Another popular system is flip locks which reduce opening and closing times.

Shock Absorbing Poles

Stability and comfort are top priorities on a trail or slope. Using walking sticks without shock-absorbing properties could disrupt your balance and result in severe injuries. The most resistant models absorb vibrations when they hit the ground, keeping the handles secure in your hands.


The weight of the pole depends on its material. Carbon fiber is the most lightweight but is prone to damage and snapping. On the other hand, heavier aluminum rods offer better resistance to challenging trekking conditions.

If you’re unsure which to go for, look for products made from aluminum and carbon fiber.


The most durable models are made from aluminum alloys like 7075 and 7075-T6. While carbon fiber poles attract hikers because they’re lightweight, they’re more prone to bend or break under lateral pressure.


Do I Need Two- or Three-Section Poles?

Two-section poles are the best option for physical activities where you’re not concerned about storing them. For example, they’re commonly used for alpine trekking and hiking.

Three-section poles are better for traveling since they’re portable and fit into small bags and suitcases.

How Do I Wear the Pole Strap?

Pole users need to properly adjust the straps to have a firm grip. First, place your hand through the strap loop so the soft material is against your palm. Next, curl your fingers around the pole and move your wrist to see whether you’re comfortable. The strap should feel snug against your hand.

How Long Should My Poles Be?

When adjusting the pole, aim for a height that reaches your elbow. For better stability and comfort, you should be able to hold the stick when you bend your arm at a 90-degree angle.

Should I Get Rubber Tips for My Trekking Poles?

A sudden impact can cause long-term damage to your gear. It’s best to get rubber tips and attach them to the bottom of the rods to prolong the poles’ service life. Many models have built-in protective tips that bolster their durability.

What’s the Best Way to Use My Poles?

If you’re new to hiking, you might think a tight grip improves performance. However, keeping your hands somewhat relaxed gives you more control over your gear. Although finding the perfect grip takes time, you’ll quickly hone your skills and hike like a pro if you start with beginner-friendly trails.

Best Hiking Poles of 2022: Settling the Debate

We’ve covered the benefits and drawbacks of several reliable poles. The ball’s in your court, so pick a model that aligns with your budget and personal preference.

Our top choice is the TrailBuddy Trekking Poles. They’re affordable, lightweight, and an excellent option for experienced hikers and beginners alike. Those who prioritize comfort should go for the Cascade Mountain Tech Carbon Fiber Adjustable Trekking Poles. The poles are pretty durable and can withstand challenging weather conditions.

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