How to Attach Hiking Poles to a Backpack

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If you go backpacking or hiking, you likely want to bring your hiking poles. After all, your hiking poles keep you balanced and upright and make hiking easier in all conditions.

However, you won’t always need your hiking poles, so you probably don’t want to carry them by hand.

Luckily, if you have a good hiking or backpack, you can attach your poles to the pack. Today, we will discuss how to attach hiking poles to it.

How to Attach Hiking Poles to a Backpack

There are a few methods of attaching your hiking poles to your backpack, which depend on your backpack type and its specific features. First, let’s look at the various methods of attaching hiking poles to a backpack.

Attaching Hiking Poles Using the Hiking Pole Attachment System on Your Backpack

A good hiking backpack should have a loop system to attach hiking poles that can be tightened and loosened. This is the easiest method. But, first, collapse or retract the hiking poles to make them shorter.

Then, take the end of the hiking pole and pass it through the loop, with the handle pointing upwards towards your head. You can cinch the loop so that the hiking pole cannot move. Likely, there will be a cinching loop at the pack’s top and the bottom, so you will have to repeat this process for the bottom of the pole.

Some hiking backpacks may also have a closure system that can open fully and is then held shut by a special hook. If this is the case, fully open the closure system, lay the hiking poles inside it, and close it using the attached hook. However, not all hiking backpacks have these holders, in which case any of the following methods may work for you.

Using Side Pockets to Secure Hiking Poles

If you don’t have hiking pole attachment features, but your hiking backpack has side pockets, they can be used to carry your hiking poles. You are even better off if your backpack has compression straps.

Take the handles of your hiking poles and put them as far down into the side pocket as possible. For example, if you have two side pockets, you can put one hiking pole on the left and one on the right.

You will also need compression straps if you want the hiking poles to be secure so they don’t move around. With the handles of the hiking poles in the side pockets, secure the compression straps around them to prevent them from moving.

How to Attach Hiking Poles to a Backpack

Using Compression Straps to Secure Hiking Poles to Your Pack

If your hiking pack doesn’t have a hiking pole attachment system or side pockets, your next option is to use compression straps.

Now, these compression straps don’t have to be on the side of the pack, as anywhere will do fine, but those located on the sides that go horizontally across the backpack’s main body will work best. In addition, your backpack may have areas where more compression straps can be added.

Loosen the compression straps to provide enough room to pass the poles through. When doing this, ensure that the baskets are pointing up with the handles facing down.

The baskets will act as a stopping point and prevent the hiking poles from slipping. If your hiking poles do not have baskets, this method will not work, which is also the case if your backpack does not have compression straps.

The Top Carry Method

If your hiking backpack has no compression straps, side pockets, or an attachment system for hiking poles, your only option is to use the top carry method. This involves laying the hiking poles across the top of the pack and securing them.

However, this method won’t be the most comfortable, but it’s better than carrying your hiking poles by hand. On the other hand, this method may be a bit cumbersome and inconvenient because you’ll have poles protruding from both sides of the backpack.

Open the top flap of your hiking backpack and place the poles horizontally on the pack. Then close the backpack’s lid over the hiking poles and use the adjustment straps to ensure the top is secure. Although it’s not overly convenient, this method is at least straightforward.

Final Thoughts

The four methods listed above will work if you are looking for good ways to attach hiking poles to your backpack. But, as we said, it really depends on the backpack you have and its features.

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